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Cash out refinancing and real estate investment - Posted At :August 30, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Opting for cash out refinancing is one method that I would recommend to someone that is serious about building out their real estate investment and property portfolio. You are able to take out a new mortgage with a principal that is larger than your current mortgage. Many a person has been able to do this and get a lower interest rate and with the added bonus of getting the cash they need for their investment venture.

The home equity that we have in our possession is really the part of our home that we own. This is built by the payments that we make to our mortgage and through the appreciation of the value of our homes. This means that our home equity is often trapped and unavailable to us unless we take home equity loans or refinance our mortgage. Cash out refinancing allows us to access this equity. We are able to use this cash from the equity that we get and reinvest it into our property portfolio.

Broken down simply in the form of an example we will see how the equity is made available. Let us say that you own a home and that it is mortgaged to the sum of $200,000 and you have repaid a certain amount. Let us say that that amount is $100,000. Then you have available to you a sum of $100,000 for equity and this is money that can be utilised for your investment.

You can take the option of cash out refinancing by getting a new mortgage for your home to the original value. This means $100,000 is given to you in your hand for whatever purpose and you may have a lowered mortgage payment as well. There are many factors that will make this option a desirable one for you and you must evaluate the market circumstances as well as the personal situation that you are faced with and the purpose for which the money is intended.

Interest rates on mortgages fluctuate from time to time and it is important that this be considered as well as other factors. It can be simple for you to reach for the option of refinancing when interest rates are low but there is a factor of the expenses to consider before this is thought worthwhile and as such a balance is needed in this decision between where it is viable to refinance or not viable as the case may be.

It is up to you to do the necessary research and determine the feasibility of the option to your circumstances. The circumstances on the market will also influence the benefits or disadvantages of this type of refinancing and all this has to be considered in the decision making process. It is no easy decision to decide to refinance your property so ensure that you are fully capable of meeting the payments required and that there is little chance that you will be unable to do so. Only opt for a refinancing plan that meets your budget.

Clean Home, Easy Sale - Posted At :August 30, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Clean Home Easy Sale, Sell your home,  Beach Real Estate, Clutter Free House, Home Staging

One of the biggest problems people run into when selling their home is the process of preparing it for sale. Many homes are simply places where we keep the accumulated treasures of the years. Are you a clutter-bug, a pack-rat? It's OK, we all are to some degree. When preparing a home for sale, we need to be mindful of our "stuff." The best way to begin this process is to take a quick walk through your home. Make a list of everything that you have not used in the past 3 months, 6 months? Now, and here is the hard part. Get rid of it. Seem a bit extreme? It might, but things that you have not used in half a year are not likely to get used in the future. Remember we are trying to get rid of some stuff so that people can see the house, not what's in it.

There is a common line of thought that home buyers want to see the "personality" of the homes current owners. This is not true. Buyers want to be able to see their belongings in the home. They want to put their personality into it to see if they could see themselves living there. A backlog of your stuff will get in the way of them doing this. Go through every room in turn and remove the clutter! This includes the closets, shelves and cupboards. Also remove excess furniture if the room seems too crowded. Here is another important thing to remember, don't put all this stuff in the garage! Buyers will go through the garage like any other room in your home. Hire a storage locker if it is really necessary. Aside from that, use this as an opportunity to rid yourself of those things that you never use.

The minimalist approach is a good thing to utilize when showing your home. The lack of personal effects will make it easier for buyers to place themselves in your home. This will also make the moving process easier on you. With less things to pack when moving day comes, you can dedicate more time to creating your perfect space in your new home.

Commercial Real Estate Strategies: The Questions - Posted At :October 02, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

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For the astute commercial real estate investor, the cap rate [AKA Capitalization Rate] is an important financial number to consider.  Here’s why:
Commercial Real Estate Earns Income

One main identifier that defines commercial real estate from other types of real estate is that it earns income for its owner.  Commercial real estate values are typically based on these current (and/or future) income streams from the property under evaluation. 
While there are many types of commercial real estate, such as strip malls, office buildings, condo projects, industrial sites, and several other property types, each is supposed to produce net income.
Each of these commercial real estate properties will normally have an income stream and associated expenses.  It doesn’t matter if it is a mall, hotel or a trailer park.  All commercial real estate properties typically have both income coming in and expenses going out.
The Raw Land Exception
The one exception to this typical ‘rule of thumb’ is raw land.  Raw land will many times not have any income stream, so it has to be evaluated differently for commercial purposes

Evaluating the Cap Rate
When a commercial real estate property is evaluated, the buyer does his or her best to ascertain the accurate and sustainable income stream the property is currently producing.  The cap rate is based upon current financial numbers, not future.  And if it is not being used to its highest and best use at the moment, an adjustment will also be made as to its income stream once any problems are corrected.

Income Streams
Income streams can come from a variety of places, so I won’t make any attempt to list all the various forms here.  There are some common ones and some unique to a given property.  Just remember that the income stream is made up of all money received through the property.

Expenses Paid Out
The other side of the cap rate equation is the expenses that must be paid on the prospective property.  There can be literally scores of different expenses, which can be found in any reasonable accounting course, so we won’t go into them here.

The Cap Rate Configuration
Now that we understand that the cap rate is determined by comparing  income and expenses, the final part we need to factor in is the selling price of the commercial real estate.  We’ll use an example below:
Income         $100,000.00
- Expenses     $50,000.00
= Remaining     $50,000.00
Selling Price     $500,000.00
Cap Rate = Remaining / Selling Price = $50,000 / $500,000 = 10%
Now you understand all the pieces of the cap rate formula and how to determine it.  Again, the cap rate is very important in commercial real estate transactions because it puts a number or “grade” on the value of the deal in simple and consistent terms for the investor.
The larger the cap rate, the better the deal is for the investor, so you can draw the conclusion that investors prefer high cap rates, and the higher the cap rate is, the more the investor likes the deal.
In fact, some investors set minimum cap rates before they’re interested in a commercial real estate deal.  So you understand why ‘Cap Rate is King’ in commercial real state transactions.

Do This Before Listing Your Home - Posted At :October 02, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

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Want to Increase Your Equity When Selling Your Home? - Think of Your Home as a Financial Asset

A transition takes place when you begin the process of selling your home. You see your home not as a home, but as a financial asset, and the question becomes how do your get the most equity out of your house?

This one piece of advice will make all your home selling decisions come into sharp perspective. When selling a home, the biggest reason that a home doesn't sell at the best price on the market, or within a reasonable time frame, or with equitable terms, is because of this one simple decision isn't make by the seller(s). 

Your first decision when you decide to sell your Sosua home is to separate yourself from the personal feelings you have about the house. Often when you talk with realtors about buying real estate, we'll refer to your new property as a "home." When you sell a property, we'll often refer to your property as a house. While buying a home is often an emotional decision, selling a house is a financial decision, one for which emotional detachment is needed. Potential home buyer don't care and don't want to know about the memories, or sentimental attachment you have in your home. In fact, the best way to sell your home is to make it seem like you don't live there. More about that in the next section.

When you decide to sell your Sosua home, resolve to yourself that your home no longer belongs to you. When you think of your house as another financial transaction such as a currency trade or a commodity trade, you think more clearly about all the decisions you need to make before you close on escrow. Buyer's on the other hand invest emotion into the purchase of their new home and it is in your best financial interest to do everything possible to allow them to see your house as their new home. The downside to not detaching yourself emotionally from selling your Cabarete house is that the process becomes more difficult for you, and at times, unconsciously, you can either drive potential buyers away, reduce to opportunity for all potential buyers to see your house or unintentionally create other situations that take it longer than need be to sell your house.

Is Real Estate Investing for You?- Posted At :August 29, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

There are all types of investments in this day and age. One of the most often touted for creating millionaires around the world however is real estate investing. Even in the field of real estate there are several different investment styles. Each style involves varying degrees of risk on behalf of the investor. If careful consideration is taken there is a type of real estate investment that is best for most people though there are some that real estate will never be a good investment for.

Those who are simply not cut out for real estate investing are those who love to watch the ticker roll across the computer monitor or television screen indicating the worth of their portfolios on a daily basis. Those who need to see in print the wisdom of their investment practices rather than those who are content to sit on their investments as they take shape or those who are willing to actively work in order to make their investments pay off.

Buy and hold real estate involved purchasing property and holding on to it for a very long time while the value of the property appreciates in value. This requires someone that is very savvy when making purchases or extremely lucky for the most part. More importantly however, it involves someone who has the patience and tenacity to hold on to their investments for a long period of time. These investments can provide a nice retirement for the right investor as well as funds at the proper time for the weddings of children or to pay for college.

Rental properties are another excellent way to make money for those who are willing to deal with a long-term property investment. In this type of investment money is made each month to either pay or contribute to the mortgage and funds can be made once the property is paid for and sold later in life in order to receive a more complete and total profit from the endeavor. There is some degree of expense along the way that is involved in keeping properties up to date and in demand however the benefits of this particular type of investment are almost undeniable for the right investor.

Flipping is another type of real estate investment that is receiving a large amount of press these days. This process involves purchasing a property below its value, investing in repairing or rehabbing the property, and then reselling the property for a substantial profit. This is one of the few short-term sorts of investment that are widely profitable when it comes to real estate investing. There are others but those carry even greater risks than flipping.

Of course there are high-risk real estate ventures for those that need a little excitement in their lives. One of the more common high-risk investments would be pre-construction real estate investing. With this form of investment the investor is actually that the future property will sell for a higher price than the investor paid once the building is complete.

Whether your investment needs are low-risk, high-risk, or somewhere in between there is quite likely a style of real estate investment that will be appropriate for your specific investment needs. If you do not find a real estate investment plan that is right for you then do not despair there is no style of investing that is right for everyone.

How to Find a Good Real Estate Investment Property- Posted At :August 28, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team
There are many ways in which you can find a great property for your real estate investment. The problem lies in the fact that many would be investors aren't exactly certain what specific types of investment they wish to make. Unfortunately, the type of investing will greatly affect the type of property that will best suit your real estate needs. This article focuses on finding a great property for the purpose of flipping or rehabbing a property.

Seek Bargains

This is absolutely a necessary step when it comes to finding properties with excellent potential as flipped properties. Bargains are often sold at bargain prices for a reason. The good news is that many of these reasons are purely cosmetic and quite simple to fix. Finding a realtor that is willing to work with you for lower prices, bargain properties offer an excellent place to begin. If he or she is a knowledgeable professional you should have access to properties that would have been unavailable to you had you continued the search without the assistance of a professional.

Another great place to find bargains of this nature is to search through foreclosures, auctions, and homes that are preparing to enter into foreclosure. While not always the case, there are many in these situations that are willing to be a bit more flexible with the price. Never offer full asking price first. Start low and negotiate up. This may lose some properties but in the end it will be a much more profitable venture if you can get the properties you want for a smaller investment.

Know the Neighborhood

Before placing a bid on a potential property for flipping you need to learn as much about the neighborhood as possible. You do not want to place a family home in the middle of a retirement neighborhood, nor do you want to place a potential bachelor pad in that type of area. You also want to avoid areas that are entering a state of decline, as the rehab efforts are unlikely to achieve the profits you are hoping to receive. Instead, look for bargains in areas that are approaching some sort of renewal or have very low crime and excellent growth potential.

If you are rehabbing a home that is meant to appeal to families make sure the neighborhood is safe, has a relatively low crime rate, access to good schools, and entertainment opportunities that may appeal to families. These things will affect the price you are likely to be able to expect once the rehab efforts have been completed as well as the type of renovations you will need to perform on the property. Buying a property in an area that you know nothing about is like buying a property without an inspection which brings me to my next point.

Get a Thorough Inspection

This is one of the most important steps in the process of selecting the perfect property for your real estate investment needs. A qualified inspection will prepare you for any problems that may arise during the course of your work on the home. These are things that will affect the amount of money you should offer on the home, the amount of money you will need to invest in repairs, and the amount of money you can expect once all is said and done.

Failing to have a complete and proper inspection can lead to disaster when the renovations begin costing extra money and time as efforts are undone in order to get to the root of the problems as you go. There are very few things that can save you the time or money that having a decent inspection can manage to save. Inspections can also make you aware of any structural problems, code problems, and other problems that may mean the difference between this property offering a possible profit or a probable loss. It is much better to be armed with this knowledge before ever making an offer on the property in question.

Realize That You do not Need to Buy the First Property You See

This is an important thing to remember. If the first property doesnt speak to you, move on until you find one that does. This process is part science and part inspiration. If you are uninspired by a property it is unlikely that this property will suddenly take on a life of its own in order to suit your real estate investment needs. Keep searching until you find the property that meets all of your needs in order to find the perfect property for your first or your fiftieth flip.

Curb Appeal Matters When Selling Real Estate - Posted At : August 28, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

First impressions matter most. This is one concept that many homeowners trying to sell their homes and first time property investors trying to sell or rent property fail to understand. Curb appeal is the first impression when it comes to a house. This is the place that you as an investor or seller want those driving buy to think of as home. For this reason you should pay careful attention and spend some degree of time and effort making the outside of the home inviting and appealing to potential buyers or renters.

One of the first things that people will notice is crumbling paint and bland or tired and faded colors on the exterior. Vinyl siding is often inviting because it is easily cleaned and reinvigorated. It also happens to be fairly low maintenance, which often appeals to buyers and renters alike. There are those however who will argue that siding detracts from the potential personality of a home. To each his or her own in this as it is a personal decision on behalf of the buyer and the seller. Regardless a clean and crisp paint job or siding makes a much better impression than an apparent state of disrepair.

Remember those first impressions are important. If the outside of the home is rather unimpressive potential buyers are quite likely to discover the diamond that is the inside of your home. Another thing you can do to add curb appeal is to plant low maintenance flowers and plants around the exterior of your home. You do not want to invest in plants that require constant care nor do you want to seriously invest in plants that are going to grow out of control and look unwieldy. At least you do not want to plant these around the exterior of your home that is facing the road. Bushes and climbing vines do well in many cases along fences that surround the property however or as a dividing privacy line between your property and neighboring properties.

If you live in an area that is conducive to green grass you may want to consider some sort of hybrid that can thrive with less water or choose some form of landscaping that doesnt rely on large open patches of grass in order to be beautiful such as xeriscaping then that is quite probably a wise idea. The point is to make the house as attractive on the outside as you hope those viewing the property will find the inside.

Another thing to keep in mind when making the upgrades is to clean the sidewalks and driveway if it is concrete. It is amazing what a high power pressure washer can do to your sidewalks, driveway, and/or front porch. Do not stop there however; take the time to make sure your doors and windows are clean as well. These little things often make the biggest impression. If you care properly for the exterior of your home and keep it nice and shiny chances are (in the buyer mind) that you will have taken the same care of the inside of the home that they are quite possibly now considering.

Taking the extra time to insure that the outside of your home is attractive to buyers can translate into higher and quicker offers than neglecting the essential real estate between the front door and the curb. Do not overlook this powerful piece of advice and you should enjoy a little more success in your efforts to sell your home or investment property.

Buying Real Estate for Your Family- Posted At : August 22, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

The very best and most enjoyable reason to purchase real estate by far is in buying a property in which your family will live and grow together. There is a lot of fun involved in finding the perfect place for you and your family to call home. There is also a great deal of stress involved as well and that should not be overlooked.

Some things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect property for your family are the following:

1)Make your first step the step of finding a realtor or buyer agent that you are confident has your needs, desires, and best interests at heart. Your realtor can prove to be a lifesaver when you reached the final hours before closing and the sky looks as though its going to fall. Far more than that though, your realtor can help you find the home that you simply cannot see your family living without.

2)Once you found a real estate that you trust to help you find a home for your family it is time to identify the things that are absolute necessities in your search and those things you can live without. The most important thing to decide upon is a budget that you are comfortable living with.

3)Once you established a budget you need to decide the features that are important to meet the needs of your family. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and yard space. Do you need a fenced in yard or a basement? These things are important as they do affect the comfort and in some cases safety of your family.

4)Another important thing that must be considered when purchasing a home for your family is the neighborhood. This is more important than many people may realize. It is well worth having a smaller home in a neighborhood that is poised for growth rather than a larger home in a neighborhood that is in the state of decline or on the verge of the state of decline. Crime rates in the neighborhood and the school district are other things that need to be considered as well before deciding to view a potential home.

5)You should also take the time to look at several properties before deciding on one property over another. The more properties you see, the better the chances are that you will actually find the one perfect property for the needs of your family home. The more homes you see the more you will learn about your likes and dislikes. You will also get ideas about possibilities and things that can be added on to the home you eventually select. Regardless, the more homes you see, the more choices you have when the time comes to make a decision.

6)Never offer the asking price right away. Even if you are willing to pay the full asking price, offer something a little lower and allow some negotiating room. Be sure, if you truly want the house in question not to be insulting with your offer but make the offer just the same. Some things you may want to consider when you make your offer is how quickly you are likely to need a new roof, new flooring, new heating or air conditioning, and countless other improvements that may need to be made on the property. Each of these things costs money and they add up over time. If everything is fairly recent and in good working order you may want to consider that when making your offer as well.

You will find many houses along the way but few will reach out and impress themselves upon you as home. Those are the ones you should consider long and hard. Weigh the options, the prices, and your likes and dislikes. If you do all of this you should be well on your way to the home of your dreams.

Has Television Changed the Face of Real Estate Investing?- Posted At :August 20, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

If you take a look through the television stations on almost any given day there is a television show somewhere that features home improvement, real estate investing, or some sort of combination of the two. From shows that teach people how to sell homes that have lack luster reviews to shows that teach viewers that it is possible to purchase, repair, and re-sell a home in a matter of weeks for astronomical profits, there are shows that appeal to the entrepreneurial wannabes in audiences around the globe.

These shows have made and lost fortunes a few times over by convincing viewers that they too can do the wondrous things seen on television. The truth is that many viewers are capable of doing these things but television never really shows how hard the work actually may be. The television cameras do not always show the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making these projects successful and rarely mention the countless complete and total failures that occur along the way.

The cameras are also not to keen for showing up at 4 am and rolling well after midnight when the work for the day is finished. It doesnt catch the heart attacks and nightmares as credit cards are going dangerously close to being completely maxxed out while dreams of quick riches fade right in front of investor eyes.

This does not mean that every project is doomed to failure only that things are not always as rosey as they may appear to be on the television shows. Flipping houses may seem to be a bit glamorous and a lot hands on. The problem with that is that too few people really realize how much work goes into the hands on part of the program. This is not easy money no matter how much the television cameras would like to convince you otherwise.

It is very possible to turn a substantial profit in a relatively short amount of time if you keep your cool, use your head, and buy and sell in the right conditions. The problem is that so many people do not consider the big picture and find themselves in over their heads and out of money before the project is anywhere near completion.

One thing that television has definitely done for this line of work is make competition for the flappable houses a little fiercer. The early bird in this business gets the worm and while the cheapest house isnt always the best candidate the less competition you have driving the prices up, the better in this situation. The goal is to buy low and sell high. Most people do not have a terrible amount of competition, as of yet, on the selling high portion of the program. The real trouble at this point in time lies in the buying low portion as there are many more would be real estate investors that are interested in buying the inexpensive properties than there are that will actually see the projects through from beginning to end.

So yes, television has greatly changed the way people invest in real estate. Whether this is truly good or bad for the overall real estate market remains to be seen. In light of the recent down turns in real estate it is to be expected that some of the popularity may diminish. The sad thing is that this is still one of, if not the best ways to make a large sum of money fairly quickly that is legal in the world today. Fortunes can be made and lost in real estate; the trick is always in placing your bets on the right property at the right time. For those who are willing to take the risks associated with this type of investment in today market and those that are willing to wait for a slight upturn in the market the profit potential is phenomenal.

Buying Real Estate Foreclosures- Posted At : August 28, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

When looking for a home for you and your family you will come across all kinds of deals, bargains, and so-called values along the way. If price is a very tangible object for you and your real estate investment then you might seriously want to consider the value of foreclosures. If you are hoping to invest in real estate in order to turn a profit then you may also wish to consider these properties that are often sold well below the ordinary value of the property because they are in varying degrees of disrepair.

Foreclosures are properties that have been taken back by the lenders because the previous owners were unable to continue making payments on the property. Being that these homes were often owned by those in financial distress and may have been empty for some time before being sold, chances are that the foreclosure homes being sold at any given time are in some degree of disrepair. The shabbiness of many of these properties is one of the factors that keeps the prices down. Another is the fact that the lenders are essentially attempting to recoup their investment in the property. For this reason they are often willing to take less than the value of the property if that is what is owed on the property.

Why are these properties often in a state of disrepair? Truthfully, there are many reasons but the primary culprit in this situation is money. Obviously the owners of the home were struggling to make the payments or the home would not be in the state of foreclosure. If the notes on the property were difficult to begin with it makes perfect sense that other issues such as leaking roofs, shabby carpeting, or plumbing maintenance would take a distant second in priority to making the house payment.

At the same time, there are those who are bitter about loosing their homes. As sad as the situation may be some add insult to injury by damaging these properties intentionally. These homeowners feel they have nothing left to loose and if they cannot have their property hole then the lenders should not as well. While this is by no means the way to go there are very many who choose this path over other options.

The fact is that their loss in these situations is actually your gain. The damage they do to the property is often not terribly expensive to repair though it can be quite bothersome. Your willingness to do the work in order to create a beautiful home for you and your family or as an investment can often translate to big savings at the closing table or when negotiating the price of the property. Foreclosures can allow families to buy larger homes in better neighborhoods than they would ordinarily be able to afford. They can also provide a fabulous kick-start to a property investment portfolio.

Despite common claims and Internet advertisements, you do not need to buy a list in order to find foreclosed real estate in your area. You simply need to procure the services of a competent realtor and let him or her know that your intentions are to purchase a foreclosed property or some other property that is selling well below market value. You might be amazed at the wealth of information and assistance your realtor can provide not only in finding excellent foreclosures but also when it comes to procuring financing for some of the more creatively damaged foreclosures you may run across at insane bargain prices.

New Luxury Oceanfront Apartments in Sosua ready for sale !! - Posted At : June 23, 2013| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Sosua is more than a place, it is a way of life! Days on this idyllic location are lazy and sun drenched, nights are romantic and moonlit. Sosua is a haven for everyone - and everything that flourishes in the tropics from the first explorer Christopher Columbus to the hospitable Dominican natives, to the myriad of colorful tropical fish and lush plant life.

Welcome fresh ocean breezes and highlighting magical views. Watch the sunsets over the Atlantic while sipping a Mojito or Pina Colada.

A collection of 50 Luxury apartments, Penthouses and Lofts, available only to a privileged few on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, in Sosua. Apartments are divided into four (4) bedroom Penthouses; three (3) bedroom residences and Phase 2 Lofts comprising mainly of two (2) bedrooms. The Residences are between 200m2 to over 500m2.

Caribbean and Dominican Republic Real Estate Information - Posted At : June 26, 2013| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Dominican Republic is essentially known for two reasons; its significant popularity among real estate agents and big shot investors who are looking to get some huge returns on their and secondly, with people who want to live in this wonderful and charming place, which have its own unique style. So, there is no dearth of people who want to move permanently to this paradise on earth or people who want to own some Villas as their holiday homes. This amazing place has been founded in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. Since then this wonderful place has come a long way; it is the second largest Caribbean nation. The sheer size of this place and the spectacular history attached to it ensure that this place has the potential of providing huge return on investment for anyone who is ready to invest here. Moreover, the place is jam-packed with natural and man-made wonders. You can also buy yourself a little piece of this paradise with the help of Caribbean Real Estate. There are breathtaking mountain ranges; the famous island of Hispaniola has four of them, as well as there are picturesque slopping farms and nothing can beat the bright and sandy beaches. No matter what type of taste you possess, you will surely find something here that will be just perfect for you, and that the beauty of this incredible place. Apart from the natural wonders, Caribbean region is full of flourishing cities such as the famous holiday destination Santo Domingo, which is also the capital of the Dominican Republic. Here, you will find a plenty of outstanding and well furnished apartments, homes, office buildings and other commercial places at tempting prices. Also, there are a number of small towns, villages and some lovely places at mountain tops, and so on and so forth. Truly, Dominican Republic is a perfect combination of the busy city life and natural retreats to get recharged right away. No doubt, Caribbean region is a place, which is known for its thriving business culture and picturesque surroundings, but what are the main reasons that compel a number of investors from all over the world to invest in Caribbean and Caribbean Villas and Oceanfront Properties. Actually, there are plenty of reasons. This place is literally recession-proof, and that may be the reason why property prices are increasing at an exponential pace. This may be attributed to the increased interest of international investors in DR. Another reason for the surge in real estate prices is that international investors have to face any legal issues while making any investment here. There are, in fact, so many things that are in favour of Caribbean industry, and the prices are sure to keep rising in the near future as well. It would not be an overstatement that this is precisely the best time to make investment in Dominican Republic. We know and love the Dominican Republic; we know and love our profession and it shows. Your real estate experience, whether the purchase of a new or existing home, the sale of an Island property, or a summer vacation rental, should be both pleasant and rewarding; it should be adapted to your personal style, schedule, and requirements; and it should be FUN.

Modern Style Homes in Dominican Republic - Posted At : June 28, 2013| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

The Dominican Republic has been known as a high-class tourist country for years. People of all ages go to see the sights, explore the numerous adventure opportunities, and to laze on the gorgeous beaches gazing out at the crystal blue ocean. With the country becoming more modernized, so are the resorts and the homes being built there. Modern style homes in Dominican Republic are being built all over to stand up to its newly modernized country.

If you are thinking of relocating to the Dominican Republic or are currently residing there and are ready to move up into a gorgeous modern home in Sosua, DR Luxury Dominican Real Estate will provide you with amazing homes that fit your personal lifestyle. If you want to make your dreams come true waking up to the sound of the rhythm of the ocean or watching the sunset from an ocean-view balcony.

The Dominican Republic already offers many amazing things naturally; with temperatures on average of 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) the climate in itself can persuade even the most skeptical people when it comes to making a decision to relocate. The soft breezes provide relief from the heat and the ocean provides you with a pool of paradise virtually in your backyard.

Another plus to owning real estate on this amazing Caribbean island is that real estate is extremely cheap and very affordable. Whether you are looking for an upscale ocean-view condo, a gorgeous apartment overlooking the ocean, or a beautiful single home with all the best and most modern and contemporary luxuries, DRLuxury will find you the perfect modern style homes in Dominican Republic. It has been recognized as one of the most inexpensive Caribbean real estate locations in the world while providing complete luxury.

Modern homes in Sosua offer affordable and innovatively designed properties exposing you to pristine land and rich culture. Breathtaking views of the crystal blue ocean lined with gorgeous sandy white beaches and coral provide am amazing scuba diving attraction for its residents. This area is one of the most enticing areas to purchase or build a home.

DR LuxuryRealEstate can find you modern style homes in Dominican Republic that you once only ever dreamed of owning. They offer a wide variety of luxurious Caribbean villas, beachfront homes, ocean-view condos, extravagant estates, fruitful farms and land, and highly prestigious business properties.

If you looking to buy one of the many modern style homes in Dominican Republic, choose the best as your choice of real estate. You are guaranteed to find the home of your dreams at an affordable price.

New Apartments and modern style homes in Cabarete - Posted At : July 07, 2013| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

It starts with over six kilometres of sandy beach and turquoise blue sea; a protected, fresh water lagoon with turtles and fish; and lush, green tropical plants and trees. A perfect piece of property to create an eco-friendly, master planned Caribbean community, designed for foreign buyers.

There is something for everyone: incredible oceanfront apartments; private, modern villas; and ocean view condos; - all with affordable prices and executive construction specifications. We thought of everything necessary for a great tropical lifestyle, and even added those little things that are a bonus: those little luxuries that are added value.

We created a premier project that respects and works with the natural landscape, and incorporates the technological and innovative ideas of the future. We offer Incredible an oceanside lifestyle, outstanding master plan, and thoughtfully designed affordable villas and condos - tailor made for the foreign buyer.

Lush rainforests, open spaces, exotic plants and amazing animals, Dominican Republic has it all - Posted At : July 19, 2013| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Once thought of as merely a holiday destination, its now becoming a location for foreign buyers wishing to settle down and make a new life for themselves abroad. But what attracts people to buy in Dominican Republic, how easy is it to purchase and whats it really like to live there? The island is one of the five republics that make up Central America and is often described as a real gem of a place.

The DR people are friendly and welcoming to foreigners and the country is said to be peaceful and pleasant to live in. The varied topography offers an incredible diversity of climate. This means that there are variations in weather to suit almost everyone, from hot and humid to dry and cold, plus almost anything in between.

It is actually easy and safe to buy property here; you just need to know who you are dealing with... Its important to look for someone who has properties that you like and seems to know what theyre doing.As well as being aware of real estate agents and finding someone that seems professional, Alex suggests finding a lawyer should be high on your priority list. There are more lawyers in Dominican Republic than we have trees, from large firms to great individuals. But, as a general rule, any lawyer that charges under the average is either a very good friend or should be wary.

Currently, some of the most popular areas are located in Cabarete and Sosua, only 30 miles to the big city Santiago. A three-bedroom house at Sosua was on sale for under 100k ,Hot Tropics had a luxurious four-bedroom beachfront villa in Cabarete, available for only 690.000 US$ and new properties in Santo Domingo available for between $124.000 - $178.000.

Income Property in Dominican Republic - Posted At : October 18, 2013| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Real estate is one of the oldest forms of investing known to man. It is easy, once you know how to invest in real estate. As an investor, you purchase a number of houses or pieces of land at a very low price. If you develop it properly, then say ten years later you can sell the land for a profit. This means that you will sell it for more than what you initially paid for it.

Real estate investing can be done in any part of the world. The world population is growing and expanding on a continuous basis. This means that now, more than ever, there are people buying land and property. Land prices continue to rise in DR, and that means that real estate will continue to be one of the best investment opportunities in the country. One website ideal for investors looking for cash flow and also allows for buying and selling cash flow properties is

Real estate offers greater profit potential, compared to other forms of investment. Not every piece of land will always turn out to be a winner. Despite the great potential in profit, some cases are high risks. So you will want to be sure to carefully research and study your real estate investments.

One problem that many real estate investors face is lack of liquidity. Liquid assets are those that can be easily converted into cash. This is similar to stocks and bonds. Most real estate investments can take years before you can actually make a profit. So it is not the best decision to tie up all of your assets in real estate investments. Your financial situation will be an indicator as to how much you can wisely invest in properties and real estate.

Many people do not understand the difference between investors and speculators. Speculators buy land with the intentions to make a very quick sale and fast profits. They will not hold land for a long period of time. An investor, looks for long term profits. They will usually buy only what he can afford to keep for an indefinite period of time.

If you are a new in this field, you will want to refrain from doing any speculation until you become more informed. You will need to devote a considerable amount of time to study and research your property investment prospects. It is also wise to network and consult with others who are doing things, especially specialists.

If you currently own a home, then you already made a very successful investment. Before searching for areas to invest, you will need to consider the condition of your own house. If you plan on selling your home, good landscaping and cleanliness have been known to considerably increase the value of your home.

Buying run-down homes and restoring them for selling or renting purposes can reap profits. The advantages of selling are that you can build up equity. The advantages of renting are that you can build a stream of positive cash flow. But, before you do this, you will need to consider some factors and do the math including a margin of safety.

Buying A Second Home in Sosua or Cabarete - Posted At : November 02, 2013| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

In an age where investment is possibly the most secure investment available, the process of trying to identify the perfect area in which to invest has become more and more important. There are certain areas in this country that have become synonymous with real estate fortunes, Cabarete, Sosua, Samana to name a few. But as these markets become more and more saturated, smart investors are looking to other areas as they have seen the focus switching away from these overloaded markets.

As the focus has moved away from these markets there are a few different areas that have started to emerge as areas of potential growth. One such area is Cabarete Beach is an extremely popular resort destination and along with such a designation comes the opportunity for real estate investment. Like many other destination areas, Cabarete and Sosua Beach has a booming vacation rentals industry that is only showing signs of growth in past years. This has presented a great chance for real estate investors to get in on the ground floor of this booming area.

If vacation rentals are not to your liking and you prefer the stability of long-term renters then you need not worry as Cabarete is also a great place to live. The solid industrial core and diverse economy have created a environment of economic growth and prosperity that bodes well for the future of this area. There is also a great system of education here that includes both public and private schooling and a variety of post-educational options including University.

The future is looking bright for Sosua and Cabarte. With a thriving vacation industry and the emergence of a strong business sector, this area will continue to see growth for many years to come. This is a great time to invest in Sosua and Cabarete as getting in on real estate in this area will show a great ROI no matter what vein of real estate you choose to place your money in.

For Sale or investment: Vineyards of Cabernet France

The Domaine is located in the Loire region known as le jardin du France being
very pictures Situated 8 minutes from town of Chinon in the village of Cravant
les Coteaux. Total surface is 18 Hectares, 11 of which is Vineyards of Cabernet France, being The
A.O.C. cepage and a half hectare of Pineau de Loire, White, One Hectare of Black Truffle
Producing Oak trees.Natural Stone Cave with 100,000 bottle capacity and perfect
temperature for aging, two Homes, with park like gardens, fruit, nut trees and more.
Also a Poplar Tree patch with a stream at the base of the property.
Winery buildings that house six Stainless Steel Fermentation Tanks, two underground
tanks of 120 and 150 Hectoliters for gravity flow after fermentation and cool storage.
Two barrel storage caves. Label-ling Machine Room, Tasting Reception Salon, Offices,
Storage Areas, workshops, garages for vineyard equipment storage, etc.
Currently 150 Hectoliters in Barrels, Bottles and Stainless Tanks, 100 of which is
the spectacular 2009 Vintage in stock. Owner is looking for a partner or Buyer for
the Domaine.

Searching for the Perfect Dominican Republic Luxury Real Estate - Posted At : December 07, 2013| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

The Dominican Republic is an absolutely fantastic place to live. It really comes as no surprise that so many people from around the world are trying to snap up property here. However, with a lot of affordable Caribbean Real Estate on the market it can be very difficult to choose the perfect luxury property to reside in. Well, luckily for you that is something we are going to take a little look at on this page. How do you choose the perfect Dominican Republic Luxury Real Estate?

Well, before you even contemplate looking at properties you are going to need to have a budget in mind. It is worth noting that if you live outside of the Dominican Republic then you may find that it is very difficult to get a mortgage. I am not saying that it is impossible, but you most likely are going to need to put down a fairly hefty deposit. You may be able to find a mortgage in your home country for the loan, but again this may be expensive for you. Generally speaking, it would be best if you could put cash down on the property. Generally speaking, properties are fairly cheap in the Dominican Republic (even luxury ones!) and thus for the most determined this should not be too much of an issue.

One of the major things that you are going to need to consider when it comes to purchasing real estate in Dominican Republic is what you are actually going to be doing with the property. Now, the majority of people who purchase a home here will be purchasing it for their sole use. In this situation you can choose any location that you like. However, if you are purchasing a property with the intention of letting it out to vacationers then you may wish to think long and hard about where the property is actually going to be located. This means ensuring that it is close to top tourist destinations or at least a few beaches. That way you have a chance of actually being able to rent it out.

The World's 5 Best Beach Cities for Retirement - Posted At : Dec 10, 2013| Posted By: DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Perhaps your retirement dream is sand-fringed. There are many appealing beach retirement spots overseas, from the azure Caribbean to the crashing Pacific and the breathtaking Andaman Sea. Here are the five best beach cities for retirement:

Sosua/Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Where the verdant green jungle hills slope into the crystal-blue waters off the north coast of the Dominican Republic rest the sand-fringed towns of Sosua and neighboring Cabarete. These are beachfront utopias. There are no high-rise towers, no big crowds and no worries. Life here is all about enjoying what mother nature has created in this world-class coastal spot.

The life on offer here is also increasingly appealing to retirees. Expat communities are established and expanding, and planned developments are under way to cater to them. Retirees settling here can choose luxury living in planned communities where houses sell for $400,000 to $800,000, but also have much more affordable options in coastal developments where homes are priced from $130,000 to $150,000.

Dominican Republic Named - Top Destination Of The Year, Caribbean; By -; Posted At : February 15, 2014| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Tourist arrivals reach record numbers for fourth consecutive year
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Feb. 13, 2014 /DRLuxuryEstate/ -- Award season is in full swing and the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as the Top Destination of the Year, Caribbean; by Expedia.comreg;, the world's largest online travel agency. The prestigious award was presented by Gay Miller, Senior Business Development Director for's Business Solutions, and Demetrious Canton,'s Market Director for the Caribbean, at the recent Caribbean Hotel Association Marketplace in Jamaica.

To decide upon the Caribbean collection, considered each Caribbean country's overall performance. Dominican Republic welcomed a record 4.6 million visitors in 2013 and received a 33 percent increase in demand, making it the top growing market in the Caribbean. Since last year Dominican Republic has been one of the top visited destinations in the Caribbean for the U.S. market as 1.5 million Americans traveled to the country in the past year, equaling 34 percent of the total tourist arrivals.
Magaly Toribio, Marketing Advisor for the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism, said. We are extremely delighted with the ever-increasing growth of visitors who seek our breathtaking scenery and captivating culture. The efforts of the Ministry of Tourism exemplify our commitment to a strategic marketing plan and execution to further boost tourism arrivals.
In response to the substantial growth, the Ministry of Tourism, Dominican Government and the tourism sector have collaborated to capitalize on the country's tourism offerings. In 2013 the country witnessed an increase in room capacity, the addition of direct flights from major U.S. cities, strengthened safety and security measures, development of well-known hotel brands, production of new attractions, modernized highways, cruise port developments and more.

Punta Cana on the East Coast is once again the most popular destination for tourists in the country, as its international airport received 55 percent of arrivals. Las Americas International Airport in the capital city of Santo Domingo followed, receiving 24 percent. Travel demand for the Caribbean continues to grow in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Brazil, and 2014 is anticipated to increase even more.

About Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic's first tourist was Christopher Columbus in 1492. Rich in history, Dominican Republic has developed into a diverse destination offering both Dominican and European flavors to approximately five million global visitors in 2012. Named #1 Golf Destination in Caribbean Latin America by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators, Dominican Republic boasts 28 designer golf courses, upscale resorts, pristine nature and sophisticated cities and quaint villages filled with warm Dominican people. Dominican Republic features the best beaches, fascinating history and culture, and is a chosen escape for celebrities, couples and families alike.

Dominican Republic Hubpages - Posted At :August 11, 2014| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

The Dominican Republic is no doubt one of the best places to spend your vacation in. People from all over the world tend to be captivated with the majestic beaches that line the coast and so several foreigners prefer to live in the place and soak all the sun they want for them to really make the most of their vacation. For most tourists that have been on this side of the globe, they tend to wish to settle down in this place with its captivating scenery and the welcoming crowd of natives that dwell in the place. In line with the demands for great living estates for tourists, many real estate services are offered by the locals in order to accommodate the rising demand of tourists and locals who wish to get a residency in the place.
It is better to rely on locals to get the right place for you to dwell I the Caribbean and you can never go wrong with your choice when you avail of the right services from credible real estate agents that offer the best of their services for both tourists who wish to stay for good or land on the best vacation experience there is in Cabarete.
If you want to experience Luxury in the most captivating places of the island then you have to experience living in the best Dominican Estate that agents of real estate services can provide for you. There is no better way to spend time in the Republic than to explore the beaches and the picturesque places all over the island. You cannot make the most of your vacations if you cannot travel all over the place that is why strategic estates are made available for you to make use of while you are staying in the beautiful Island.

Dominican Republic Properties - Posted At :August 15, 2014| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

DRLuxuryRealEstate is offering property in the beautiful country of DR. This is a team of professionals who are committed to finding the perfect DR property for you.
Dominican Republic is a politically stable country with low living costs and high quality homes. You will enjoy excellent weather because of the geographic location. Access to local foods and fruits give this country a small island feel with the convince of big city amenities.

DRLuxuryRealEstate has an easy to navigate website which makes finding your dream home or vacation property a breeze. Not all properties and listed on their website as some owners would like to keep their sales discrete. Contacting them will open the doors to new unlisted properties.

Clicking on the picture of any property will bring up the all the statistics that you would need to make an informed purchase. You will find that most of these properties offer a lot of house for the money.
If you have ever thought of investing in property in DR, maybe now is the time to do it.
In order to have a truly international flair to this website, the script has been written in English, Spanish and German. Assuming since you are reading this you will need to view the website in English. To do so click on the British flag in the upper right hand corner of the navigation bar. The telephone number and email address are at the bottom of the page in case you have a question about any of the

About ( )DRLuxuryRealEstate offers beautiful competitively prices homes in Dominican Republic. With great a customer support team and an easy to navigate website you should not have a problem finding an investment property, vacation property or your dream home.

Why Everyone Is Talking About... Dominican Republic - Top Destination Of The Year, Caribbean; By -; Posted At : September 06, 2014| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

With an average annual temperature of 25 degrees, stunning beaches and great nightlife, it's tricky to work out why you want to go on holiday to the Dominican Republic.

Boasting access to tranquil spots, as well as great nights out, this Caribbean nation on the island of Hispaniola, is hugely popular with groups and couples alike.

You'll be swigging the local Spanish beer Presidente in no time, as you work out whether to save yourself till later, or just succumb to the delights of beach bar.

But this island ain't just for party lovers. It's also home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the Caribbean.

The North Atlantic population of humpback whales migrates into the Bay of Samana to calve or mate, every year from December to early March. And the Dominican Republic recently created the world first Whale Sanctuary. There are many whale tours to go out on, so don't forget to check one of them out between cocktails.

Another popular attraction is the small island of Cayo Levantado (just one kilometre square) located at the entrance of the Samana Bay. Just a fifteen minute walk from end to end, it's the ideal place to escape for one day and contemplate existence. As well as sunbathe, of course.

The island is also known as Bacardi Island because their palm trees appear in advertisements for the well-known brand of rum. So once on the island, the natives typically offer food and... beverages, often accompanied by music!

While culture vultures will absolutely love a visit to the city of Santo Domingo. Tourists are regularly told to follow in the footsteps of the island's first tourist (Christopher Columbus in 1492!) down the cobblestone streets of the oldest city in the 'New World'.

The city has many famous historical sights including the palace, the first cathedral of its kind in the region, and the first hospital. It's also a terrific place to sit back and watch the hustle and bustle of Dominican Republic life go by.

Dotted throughout the Dominican Republic's breathtaking surroundings are an extraordinary variety of the hottest and newest hotels ranging from luxury resorts to boutique properties. So whether you fancy a hotel with colonial charm, or high-end luxe, there are plenty of options.


Best-Caribbean-Rentals.Com Introduces The Best Vacation Rentals Alternatives for The Tourists Of Dominican Republic



Dominican Republic (July 02, 2015) Planning a holiday includes a lot of intricate things. Accommodation is considered to be the most important aspect of any holiday. On the other hand, people need to face a lot of difficulties in identifying the best accommodation options that offers luxury and convenience at the same time. However, if you are planning to visit Dominican Republic shortly, then the Caribbean luxury rental alternatives offered by are certainly going to impress you.

The web based luxury Caribbean villa rentals portal is backed by a strong base of manpower, which is always focused on bringing in top end Caribbean luxury vacation rentalsfor the prospective guests. Tourists, across the globe are found to be delighted with option of luxury villa rental Caribbean, identified by this website. The team here has handpicked the selected vacation rentals, which are loaded with all the possible features and modern amenities. As a result to this, convenience is going to be intact in case of each of these properties.

Various types of rental properties are enlisted in this website. All you need to do is to go through the listing on your own and pick up the most significant choice, as per your location and budget preferences. This website also updates the option of vacation rentals on regular basis, so that the tourists get to enjoy new properties during each of their visits.

The service proficiency of the team of this website is another point that needs to be appreciated.So, if you are planning for a new trip in the beautiful location of Dominican Republic, then checking out the options of vacation rentals, highlighted on this site is going to be really impactful for you.

For more details please visit

DRLuxuryRealEstate The Trusted Real Estate Agent In Dominican Republic Real Estate Investment


Cabarete, Dominican Republic (February 06, 2015) - The Dominican Republic is known as one of the most beautiful Caribbean Island to stay happily and comfortably for people who generally think to stay peacefully after retirement. It has a large population living there who came from different parts of the globe. The majority of residential communities provide property management services as well as rental service and a large section of friendly and helpful people live in Dominican Republic. This makes Dominical Republic an outstanding place to go for a holiday, for a vacation or one can buy a perfect home or villa for a comfortable and peaceful living. One can buy a beautiful real estate Dominican Republic for a great living.

People who are looking for luxury real estate in Dominican Republic can buy without any doubt. Luxury Real Estate Dominican Republic is a site where anyone can find out many desirable real estate properties, information and the details. There are different multi-million dollar homes available to sale in Dominican Republic; one can get at affordable sale price. Dr Luxury Real Estate is welcoming people who are looking for reliable professional services. The company is offering enhanced listings of Dominican Apartments, bungalows, Dominican Villas, Dominical Lot, and some of the beautiful Dominican Beachfront properties in different areas such as, Punta Cana Real Estate, Puerto Plata Real Estate, Samana Real Estate and more.

The Dominican Republic boasts some of the awe-inspiring and cheapest Caribbean Real Estate then why should not invest in Dominican Republic for a great home? People who like to live in a place where they see the romantic moonlit of night, a heaven like place, in the water myriad of colorful tropical fish as well as lush plant life can invest in Caribbean Luxury Homes. The entire Island is covered with ocean and highlighted with magnificent views. The one and only DR Luxury Real Estate can help to find the best properties in Cabarete.

About DRLuxuryRealEstate:
DRLuxuryRealEstate is one of the most popular and trusted real estate agent provides various types of home, bungalow, and luxury apartments in Dominican Republic at affordable cost.

Clean Home, Easy Sale - Posted At :August 20, 2015| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

One of the biggest problems people run into when selling their home is the process of preparing it for sale. Many homes are simply places where we keep the accumulated treasures of the years. Are you a clutter-bug, a pack-rat? It's OK, we all are to some degree. When preparing a home for sale, we need to be mindful of our . The best way to begin this process is to take a quick walk through your home. Make a list of everything that you have not used in the past 3 months, 6 months? Now, and here is the hard part. Get rid of it. Seem a bit extreme? It might, but things that you have not used in half a year are not likely to get used in the future. Remember we are trying to get rid of some stuff so that people can see the house, not what's in it.

There is a common line of thought that home buyers want to see the of the homes current owners. This is not true. Buyers want to be able to see their belongings in the home. They want to put their personality into it to see if they could see themselves living there. A backlog of your stuff will get in the way of them doing this. Go through every room in turn and remove the clutter! This includes the closets, shelves and cupboards. Also remove excess furniture if the room seems too crowded. Here is another important thing to remember, don't put all this stuff in the garage! Buyers will go through the garage like any other room in your home. Hire a storage locker if it is really necessary. Aside from that, use this as an opportunity to rid yourself of those things that you never use.

The minimalist approach is a good thing to utilize when showing your home. The lack of personal effects will make it easier for buyers to place themselves in your home. This will also make the moving process easier on you. With less things to pack when moving day comes, you can dedicate more time to creating your perfect space in your new home.

How To Price A Home - Posted At :August 20, 2015| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

A home will sell for two reasons: price and exposure. In the real estate market for the DR, exposure has taken a new turn with the advancement of many Internet technologies for real estate. Be it as it may, the real estate industry's new exposure tools will not help a home sell if the home is not priced correctly. When considering putting your home up for sale, it is very important to first analyze your real estate market on a subdivision level, not a metro-area level, to derive the features and amenities that are driving the value in your neighborhood. You must then establish a pricing strategy in accordance with your financial and timing needs.

Identifying Selling Needs
No two real estate transactions in today's world are identical. As a homeowner, only you can derive your needs with selling your home. We will call this your in your real estate transaction. Be careful; the years of owning your home can cause a strong emotional attachment and can cloud logical thinking. This is absolutely normal, and fortunately, there are professionals available across the nation to help bring a logical, non-emotional approach to selling your home. These professionals are known as real estate agents, and each can be a vital tool in making sure you get the most amount of money for your home in the least amount of time, and with a minimum level of stress.

You will want to focus on your timing needs first. Do you want to sell your home in 30, 60, or 90 days? Are you looking to have a contract by that date, or to be closed and moving into your next home? Always remember that in typical real estate transactions, buyers will take approximately 30 days to close on a home. This time period involves getting inspections, negotiating repairs, and securing financing with their mortgage professional.

Are you going to need a certain amount of equity after closing on your home? If so, lets understand this number from the very beginning and make sure that this need will be satisfied out of the sale of your home.

Understanding Your Local Market
The next step to selling your home is to make sure that you have leverage. Leverage is the key ingredient to winning in a real estate transaction. When selling a home, leverage is achieved by pricing your home at a market price that will attract the most amount of buyers for your area. Homes can be priced one of two ways: negotiation and market. Pricing for negotiation will result in exactly what a seller expects: negotiation on the asking price. Pricing at market will allow your home to be exposed to the widest range of buyers and enable the seller to have a leveraged position in the real estate transaction.

There are three types of market research that one must analyze when pricing a home: sold, expired, and active properties. First, the sold history for your subdivision for the past year will give great detail on the selling trends in the neighborhood. By analyzing the sold price per square foot of homes with similar features, amenities, and condition, you can easily identify your selling range in relation to price per square foot. Price per square foot allows you to level the playing field and compare apples to apples. A homes square footage is a basic unit of real estate, and all homes will be priced according to the size of the home. At this point, you will want to gain an understanding as to why homes are selling in the per square foot range that they are being sold in. Once this step is complete, we can have a higher level of understanding as to which homes are desirable and getting the most money, and which are the exact opposite.

After you have made conclusions as to why homes are selling in the range that they do, you can then test these conclusions on homes that did not sell, or expired properties. This is done to make sure that the conclusions derived during the analysis of sold properties are accurate and applicable to your real estate transaction. Remember: Not all real estate transactions are typical and your conclusions may not be able to explain exactly why a home did not sell. You can usually assume that if your conclusions can logically explain why 3-5 homes have not sold in the past 6 months, then your conclusions are accurate enough to be considered factual.

Find Your Homes Selling Range
Now that we have an understanding as to why homes are selling in the range that they are, we can then look at the features and amenities of your home and identify the price per square foot range that will be most suitable for your home's asking price. For this information, we are going to look back at the one year sold history of your neighborhood.

It is important to be realistic and logical in this step of the pricing process. If your home is 1500 square feet, look at what other homes within 200 square feet are selling for per square foot. You will also want to take into consideration the other main features that buyers are interested in: bedrooms, bathrooms, year built, and unit stories. After you have pinpointed homes that are similar to yours, see the maximum and minimum price per square foot that they are selling for to give your home a possible selling range. Don't be surprised if this is a large price range. We are simply identifying the range at which similar homes are selling for. We will then take your needs to determine what part of this selling range your home should be priced in.

Price According To Needs while Analyzing Competition
Do you remember earlier when we identified your win in your transaction? These rules for selling your home, usually timing and required equity, will help you determine the most appropriate price entry point for your price per square foot selling range. You will want to make sure that your final asking price will satisfy all of your needs.

Let's say for example that you must sell your home in 90 days. Your main concern is to make sure that you receive an offer within these 90 days, and are perfectly fine with closing 30 days later. You also want to make sure that you will net at least $25,000 from the sale of your home after paying all selling expenses. The next step is to look at the amount of inventory for homes with similar features to your home. The most important factor to look at is the number of bedrooms. In the past twelve months, how many homes were sold that had the same number of bedrooms as yours? How many homes are there on the market now with the same amount of bedrooms? When you know these two numbers, you can derive the amount of inventory available. If there were 12 homes sold with 3 bedrooms in the last 12 months, that means there was on average one home sold per month. If there are six homes available, it is safe to say that there are 6 months of inventory.

For our example, we must receive a contract on a home within 90 days. If there are 6 months of inventory available, then it is accurate to state that the current level of competition will take a toll on your final asking price due to your 90 day requirement to receive a contract. You must make sure that your home is more attractive than your competition, especially now that we know that we must receive a contract in 90 days and there is 6 months of inventory available.

Using this same logical approach, you can determine where your home must be priced in your selling price per square foot range. Make sure that you stay non-emotional and realistic when finalizing these numbers. You want to make sure that you can satisfy all your needs when selling your home. If your final asking price is reduced due to a high level of competition, and this reduction causes you to not net the equity you need, then you will simply lose by putting your home on the market. Be sure to understand this concept and be assured that you are making the most informed, intelligent decision possible. Selling your home can be a very tedious journey; you will want to make sure that your time invested will be able to satisfy your selling needs or else your efforts will be wasted.

Perfect occasion to buy real estate - Posted At :October 23, 2015| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

December and New Year's Day give you the perfect occasion to buy real estate. Not only can you pick up a bargain property from a motivated seller, you can save on your purchase expenses.

1. Home shoppers put off looking for a home because of holiday decorating, shopping, and parties. Plus, the cold weather makes home buyers prefer to stay home; they wait for warm weather to buy real estate. Get the edge with little competition from other buyers.

2. Home sellers who didn't sell during the recent buying frenzy are worried that their home will not sell. Any seller offering their home for sale during the holiday season is motivated.

3. Real estate agents need to keep their momentum going and can't afford to take too much time off. When the agents aren't as busy, you get better service. Plus, they're more likely to take low offers seriously. Agents love investors ready to buy real estate during December.

4. Interest rates continue to creep up.Who knows what the rates will rise to next year?

5. Lenders threaten to tighten up qualifications next year. Last summer, loan officers were able to get through almost any loan. Today is your best shot to buy real estate and get a great rate with the easiest qualifications.

6. Appraisers need work. Too many individuals became real estate appraisers when there was too much work. It used to take a week or more to schedule an appraisal. We just ordered an appraisal and the appraiser wanted to come out the same afternoon! Also, appraisal fees cost less today than last month.

Clear some time from your busy holiday schedule and go find a bargain house. Make many offers. You won't get this break for another year.

Best House Color to Sell - Posted At :October 23, 2015| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Love at first sight is a concept that applies to the real estate market. So, what is the best house color to sell your home to a love struck buyer?

When you go to social events, do you make an effort to snazzy yourself up? Of course you do. The simply fact is attraction is a key factor in forming relationships and the same applies to your house. When you put the house on the market, you need to make it look good for the dates with potential buyers. The color of your house can make all the difference.

First, there is no absolutely correct answer to the best color. Instead, the decision depends on the makeup of your home and the surrounding landscape. Let take a look at some issues:

1. Whatever color you choose, make sure it doesnt clash with the other homes in the neighborhood. An otherwise appropriate color could end up making your house an eye-sore.

2. The Roof. What color is the roof on your home? If it is a red tile roof, off-whites are probably going to be the best choice. Dark green will not. Unless you are going to invest money in a new roof, make sure the paint color doesnt clash with it.

3. Highlights. If there is a particular part of your house that should be emphasized, used light colored paint around it to draw attention.

4. Hide It! Conversely, if there are parts of the house that are mundane, use darker colors to draw attention away from them.

5. On large flat surfaces, such as the side of a garage, keep in mind the color you choose will have a washed out appearance.

Now we get to the fun part. After considering the above issues, make a preliminary list of colors and buy small cans of each color. In a private area of the house, start applying samples strokes a couple feet long and a foot or so wide. Try to paint examples in both shaded areas and those exposed to the sun.

Do not immediately judge the results of your experiments. Instead, wait a few hours for the paint to dry and then start comparing. Dry paint takes on a very different appearance than wet paint.

Once the paint is dry, take a long look at each sample. You will typically find the colors look much different than you thought they would. You may find one color is perfect or you may find something a little different would be best. Either way, you have come up with the best house color to sell your home.

Make Money in Real Estate - Fast Cash Strategy - Posted At : June 28, 2016| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team
What's the difference between income and investment property? If you're thinking about investing in real estate to make money, you need to first determine your financial goals. Do you need to make money quickly, invest for your children's college fund, or build wealth for your retirement?
real estate investing strategy,make money in real estate,Jeanette Fisher,real estate investing
If you're thinking about investing in real estate to make money, you need to first determine your financial goals. Do you need to make money quickly, invest for your children's college fund, or build wealth for your retirement? Once you determine your financial goals, you need to decide which type of investing strategy works for you.
Make Money in Real Estate - Fast Cash Strategy
If you're low on cash, get started by finding a bargain house and selling the contract to another real estate investor. Join a real estate investing club to find investors willing to pay you for finding good deals.
Make Money in Real Estate - Income Property Strategy
If you want to increase your monthly income, look for income property that returns a positive net income from month to month. Start with single family house. Look for a bargain below market value. Fix up the house to generate top rental income. Find houses that will rent for more than your mortgage payment. You may need to go out from your home area to a location that supports this type of return on your money. You can't pay $300,000 for a home with a mortgage of $1,500 that only rents for $1,000. You might start with a home for around $300,000 that rents for $1,750. You will need good credit to get a loan with good interest rates. In a few years, your rental income should go up. Many real estate investors enjoy thousands of dollars each month generated by income property.
However, some investors don't like dealing with tenants and prefer to make money in other real estate ventures.
Make Money in Real Estate - Investment Property Strategy
If you want to make money focusing on profits, investment property offers a different strategy. Instead of worrying about rental income, look for property that you can transform and sell or property that will appreciate significantly over time. Besides fixing a house up, you can transform a property by changing it. For instance, some investors buy apartment buildings and turn them into condominiums. Many investors speculate in land and make money by holding the land until new development in the area increases the value.
Examine your financial situation along with your long term goals. You can get started by flipping properties, move onto income properties, and then make larger profits with investment properties. You might end up using a combination of all three strategies to make money investing in real estate.
Commercial real estate property- Posted At : June 28, 2013| Posted By : DR-Luxury Real Estate Team

Commercial real estate is the immovable property which is land including all attachments therein Commercial is attached to the word real estate because the purpose of the land and all improvements attached thereto are used for commercial purposes.

These commercial real estate properties may be lands with buildings used for businesses such as shopping malls, supermarkets, ordinary grocery and other profit-oriented activities.Even office buildings are called commercial real estate properties.

Most commonly, commercial real estate properties are not being sold to individual purchasers.Should a commercial real estate property will be for sale; buyer would commonly be corporations or group of entrepreneurs. Individual buyers usually purchases residential real estate properties.

Commonly, it is not popular to sell commercial real estate properties, businesses people such as corporations or groups are merely leasing or acquiring commercial real estate property by joint venture agreements with commercial real estate owners.

In case of commercial real estate transactions, brokers needs to know how to deal with other transactions on top of the knowledge of contracting for sale or for purchasing of real estate properties, brokers need to know how to handle transactions such as leasing, mortgages, exchange or joint venture transactions.

It may also be helpful to commercial real estate owners if the real estate broker they contract will be able to conduct property management services as well.

In this case, the real estate brokers need to have the training and knowledge of how to manage properties including having them rented and the assurance of protecting the rights of the owners and the lessors as well.

There are real estate schools that offer training for this purpose.The necessary training for commercial real estate brokers needs to be complete such as offering, advertising, soliciting, listing, promoting, mediating, negotiating and to effect the meeting of the minds on sale, purchase, exchange, mortgage or lease of, or joint venture or other transactions in real estate and any other interests therein.

Commercial real estate transactions are far different from residential real estate transactions; however, the only similarity is that both of them deal with real estate properties.It may be in different level because transactions in commercial real estate are so diverse, because in residential real estate, you only deal with selling and buying, if you are also conducting leasing of residential apartment, the transaction is far different.

If you are a real estate broker who wants to deal with commercial real estate properties, you may need additional training's including property management.